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Failure Is Not Defeat (F.I.N.D.)

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  • How to turn failures into success

  • Practical lessons to take action

  • F.I.N.D. your PASSION

    ... sounds really cheesy but it works!

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F.I.N.D a career at some of the most distinguished companies in the world!

Everyone wants an awesome career to make a positive impact and earn a great living. Unfortunately, it takes time to make it happen. Using his life as an example, Miguel shows his failures along the way from a job that he hated, to building a successful and sought out career in consulting. Miguel failed in reaching the school of his dreams, he failed in his first job and failed every day growing up learning English as a second language.

He believes that being relentless and taking small steps each day is key towards achieving goals. His practical message inspires his audience to take action towards becoming educated and learning from the good and bad life experiences along the way.

Lessons Learned:

  • Careers are not perfect, it's a roller coaster ride

  • Take action each day and make progress

  • Learn from failures along the way

  • Inspires students to F.I.N.D. a great career

The Latino Dream: How I got into an Ivy League and escaped poverty

Discover Miguel's journey from Mexico to the US as a young  undocumented Latino. He grew up poor and insecure but believed in the sacrifice his family made for him & his siblings. During one fateful day, he met a counselor that mentored and taught him some valuable lessons in life. 


When given the opportunity to visit many Ivy Leagues he realized that he was not qualified to attend and took drastic steps to finally be admitted to Brown University. Defying all odds, he went on to earned a prestigious scholarship for  his master's in business. Learn from his story and how the power of believing in yourself can make a positive impact on your life.  (Disponible en español: El Sueño Latino)

Lessons Learned:

  • Opportunities are all around

  • Proud Latino heritage & diversity

  • Develop a growth mindset

  • Achieve more than possible

Academic Success | Diversity | Latinx | First Gen College Students | Motivation & Inspiration | Career Development | Social Entrepreneurship


Remember that “Failure Is Not Defeat”, so go now and F.I.N.D. your PASSION!

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