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The Purpose:

The Why:

I’m extremely grateful and fortunate to achieve more than I could ever imagine. I have graduated from some of the best schools in the country and working for a fantastic consulting firm; But that is not where I started and the odds were against me. If I had to bet on myself, I would not because I grew up poor, insecure and didn’t think I was smart.


I’m first generation college student.  My parents never finished high school and they made the sacrifice to move from Mexico with their young children for better opportunities. Life is tough but we need to F.I.N.D our path.


So how was I able to manage my career, goals and personal life? How was I able to get full scholarships to the universities below?

Brown University

(Bachelors of science)

Stanford University

(Summer Management Program)

Carnegie Mellon University

(Master in Business Administration

I want to share my story with you.

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Dream to Achieve 

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Dream to Achieve

This book is meant to educate students and professionals in the process of achieving goals in life.


For those willing to take action, these lessons will help expedite your successful path so that you are able to achieve more than you could ever imagine.

Part I: Understand how to achieve your goals

Part II: Action plan to achieve your goals is a simple yet powerful exercise

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  • F.I.N.D. your Passion! Failure Is Not Defeat.

  • The Latino Dream: How I got into an Ivy league and escaped poverty

  • Networking 101 (Workshop)

  • The Power of a Mentor (Workshop)

Products and Services

       - Strategic Plan & Milestones

       - Mock Interview Session

       - Resume, Cover Letter

       - Networking Events

  • Dream to Achieve: A practical guide to pursue your goals, dreams, and Aspirations

  • Published Book  (coming soon) "Investing in all aspects of your life "

Profits will fund the Leland Palomares Educational Scholarship

Products & Services
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